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 Predictive Index Workshops

We offer open enrolment workshops for PI clients where participants can learn with peers from different industries, locations and backgrounds. Closed in-house workshop are available on demand – we can come to you. Many of our workshop and consulting sessions can be administered virtually to accomodate remote teams. The PI workshops provide you with the tools and knowledge to connect your people strategy with your business strategy.

We offer targeted learning and development for all employees at all levels and roles:

Drive Results with Talent

2-day workshop

Hire the right people and maximise employee productivity. Learn how to apply PI solutions to develop and execute a talent optimisation strategy.


31 July – 1st August 2024

18-19 September 2024

30-31 October 2024

20-21 November 2024

11-12 December 2024

Face to Face:






PI Refresher Session - FOC


An interactive and engaging Breakfast or Brunch & Learn event

  • Network and learn with other PI clients
  • Brush up on your PI science and applications
  • Open Q & A
  • As well as “what’s new” in the PI World

Who should attend: Accredited PI Analysts




Inspire People to Perform

1 Day Workshop

Understand the dynamics of your team and your management style to unlock the full potential of your workforce. Expand employee capabilities, develop future leaders, and build high performing teams.

Who should attend: People Managers and Team Leaders; HR and People Operators

Hire the Right Talent

1 Day Workshop

Learn how to integrate people data into your hiring process to better predicts job performance and hire top talent.

Who should attend: Hiring Managers and Team Leaders; Human Resources and Executive Leaders.

Create Awareness with People Data

½ Day workshop

Understand how you best work and communicate, and how to understand those around you – instantly improving team collaboration and engagement.

Who should attend: People Managers and Team Leaders; Employees interested in leadership opportunities

Take Action on Engagement

½ day workshop

Prepare people managers to take action on the results of the PI Experience Survey ™.  Ensure that positive change happens across all levels through data-driven action plans.

Who should attend: Directors; Managers; Team Leaders

Employee Experience Coaching

Coaching and Consulting – Customisable

We will help you streamline your engagement project to ensure success. When you combine the PI Employee Experience Survey with this professional coaching solution, you have everything you need to identify and address engagement issues that harm your culture.

Sales: Customer Focused Selling

1 or 2 day Workshop

This workshop combines a skills assessment with targeted learning to help participants quantify and improve the skills needed to execute a strategic approach to selling.

Execute Strategy with Confidence

½ day executive session

Gain business strategy agreement – and craft talent strategies to match

Align your People Strategy with your Business Strategy

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