Build Strong Teams

Assembling a group of people to achieve a common goal has great power. Harnessing that power requires that the team operate effectively. Diversity of experience and work styles can bring together complementary talents, enabling skillful completion of a variety of tasks.

The rub, however, is that these differences can cause friction and misunderstanding. The most effective form of communication for one person may be the least effective for another. One person’s decision-making style may be in direct conflict with another’s. These are just two of the many causes of stress and frustration which often leads to a loss of productivity and profit.

Understanding how people work together is one of the principal applications of PI®. If we are to work productively with others, we need to understand, as best we can, our own impact and the others’ points of view.

PI® provides objective information on a person’s motivating needs and styles, helping us to bridge gaps within different teams.