Recruitment and Selection

Does your HR function have the knowledge and tools to attract and retain the very best people for the right roles?  Do you have the right data to support your selection decisions?

Predictive Index® can help you build an organisation of successful individuals. With successful individuals in the right roles, organisations are then positioned to achieve peak performance.

Before any selection decision is considered, a thorough job analysis should be done in order to clearly define the responsibilities, performance expectations, values, behaviors, and skills required. PI® should always be considered in conjunction with other sources of information such as interviews, resume screening, and reference checks.

PI® can provide valuable, objective insight into the behavioral aspects of job performance and allow a more thorough and disciplined approach to decisions. In addition to providing specific, objective information, use PI® to provide you with a source of insightful, probing questions about the candidate’s capabilities, as well as how they might handle a specific job situation.