Predictive Insight are experts in Talent Management, Leadership & Development and Sales Performance. We have an extensive range of services to help you get the most out of your employees and work teams. Each of our services can be offered as a stand alone option or can be combined to create a custom program to meet your individual business needs.

Talent Management

Plan the future of your organisation by taking an objective look at the drives, capabilities and motivations of the leaders who will shape and execute your business plans.

Organisational Culture

Create a high-performance culture where all employees are in tune with the vision of your senior leadership, and all individuals and teams are committed to working as efficiently as possible towards a common goal.

Recruitment & Selection

Build an organisation of successful individuals. Get the right people in the right role and position your company to achieve peak performance.

Behavioural Assessment

The use of behavioural assessments have increased significantly over the past several years, accounting for their use in over 89% of Fortune 500 companies.

Employee Engagement

Motivation and Long Term Success People perform at their best when they are doing work they love, it’s really that simple! Engagement can take place on four levels: In their job; With their team; With their manager; and With their […]

Employee Retention

Retaining talented, motivated people is vital to the success of any company. Often, the primary distinguishing characteristic of an industry leader is the quality and motivation of people across the organisation.

Leadership Development

Companies that use the PI® to its full advantage actively encourage future leaders to take charge of their own success.

People Management & Coaching

For an organisation to maximise its investment in its people, managers also have to become good coaches.

Team Building

Assembling a group of people to achieve a common goal has great power. Harnessing that power requires that the team operate effectively. Diversity of experience and work styles can bring together complementary talents...

Customer Focused Selling

Your Sales Skills Assessment (SSAT) analysis gives you a solid understanding of where your team stands—and where they need to go.