Predictive Insight are experts in Talent Management, Leadership & Development and Sales Performance. We have an extensive range of products to help you get the most out of your employees and work teams. Each of our products can be offered as a stand alone option or can be combined to create a custom program to meet your individual business needs.

Predictive Index (PI)®

It’s one of management’s toughest issues: How do you bridge the gap between knowing and doing? How do you get your team to apply what they learn? Why is it that some people seem to “get it” right away...

Performance Requirement Options (PRO)

Understand and pinpoint the specific behaviours and drives that lead to the most effective performance in a role.

Selling Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT)

PI® Worldwide’s Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT) gives you the specific data you need to increase the sales skills and customer relationship management skills of your entire team.

Life Styles Inventory (LSI)

Develop awareness of current behaviours, acceptance of the impact these have on personal effectiveness and an action plan to build constructive thinking and behaviour.

Professional Learning Indicator (PLI)

PLI is your dynamic tool to measure your employees’ cognitive abilities, and thus their capability to absorb new knowledge on the job.