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The PI Platform

At the core of Talent Optimisation is the Predictive Index suite of assessments that help you understand the workplace behaviours and cognitive ability of your candidates and employees as well as what is required for success in a role.

People data is powerful – imagine what can happen if a team of top performers could work in harmony and achieve their goals – that’s why the PI Platform is made for everyone – giving people the gift of understanding themselves and others. To ensure PI is inclusive, the platform is localised in 70+ languages and gender pronouns have been removed (in all languages where possible) from PI Behavioural Assessment™ reports. 

Ensure you get the most out of your investment – we offer a range of workshops to match your needs. Discover which workshop is right for you.

Predictive Insight is a Certified Premier Partner of The Predictive Index. We are authorised to sell, service and train on the Predictive Index suite of assessments and management Workshops

The power is in your hands

The PI platform is easy to use and supports your work with PI throughout the employee life cycle, helping you set job targets, hire the right candidates and inspire individuals effectively and engage according to their behavioural preferences.

Use the PI Platform to:

    • Collect People data to understand the success profile
    • Hire top talent
    • Build self-awareness and boost interpersonal relationships
    • Understand how to on-board individuals to meet their needs
    • Ensure senior leaders agree on business strategy
    • Map leadership abilities of the executive team to identify any gaps
    • Boost engagement
    • Manage every staff member through the entire employee life-cycle

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Uncover the root cause of your business problems by measuring and analysing your people data – then prescribing remedies as needed.
The PI Employee Engagement Survey gives you engagement data at Macro (organisation) and Micro (team) levels plus a personalised action plan. Couple with Behavioural data to create a more productive and engaged workforce.

  • The Job
  • The Team
  • Their Manager
  • The Organisation


The PI Strategy Assessment is a powerful solution to get your leadership team aligned and moving in the right direction. Find out if your Senior Leaders agree on your Business Strategy and discover how confident they feel in the company’s ability to execute that Strategy.

  • Select your organisation’s structure
  • Evaluate your leadership team fit
  • Understand senior team dynamics
  • Establish your culture
  • Debriefing workshops help build a blue print for the organisation in order to move forward on executing the Strategy.


Use Job Profiles and People Data insights to build a workforce of top performers, while paying special attention to group dynamics. 

  • Weed out bad fits and identify the right match for any role.
  • Predict candidate success
  • Build a workforce of top performers


Give your employees the people data insights they need to manage themselves—and their workplace relationships.

  • Create new jobs and career paths
  • Develop your leaders
  • Create high performing teams
  • Reinforce your culture


Are you using an applicant tracking or Human Resource Information System? The Predictive Index can integrate with a variety of systems including:

  • Taleo
  • Greenhouse
  • iCims
  • Workday
  • SAP Success Factors
  • PageUp
  • Slack
  • And many more!

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