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Be a true Strategic Business Partner with Talent Optimisation.

Director of Human Resources, Director of People & Culture, OD & L Manager, Resourcing Manager …… no matter what your title is, you care about making a real impact on the business. And for that to happen, you need a seat at the table.

But not every CEO thinks you’ve earned a seat at the table.
HR has come a long way from the personnel department days—but it still wears the stigma of being process-driven, not strategic. If you want to be taken more seriously, apply a discipline to what you do.

CEOs need help to solve their people-centric business challenges.

In early 2019, PI surveyed 156 CEOs, Presidents, and Chair-people for our annual CEO benchmarking report. Results showed that 52 percent of the CEOs who set strategic goals in 2018 didn’t achieve them. What’s causing this gap between goals and results?

Many companies don’t do the essential “people work” that’s required to achieve their strategic goals. They don’t have an end-to-end talent strategy in place, they don’t know how to align their employees with their business strategy, and they struggle with various people problems. In fact, four of the CEOs’ five biggest business challenges were people-centric.

HR is a function that’s grounded in people. Show your CEO you’re capable of designing solutions to close the gap for good.

HR Leaders

The Predictive Index Platform allows you to collect people data and then leverage that data to:

  • Hire with purpose and rigour, prioritising candidates with the right behavioural and cognitive fit for the job
  • Protect your employee brand by building and maintaining a strong culture
  • Boosting engagement and productivity while decreasing turnover
  • Empower your managers to get the most from their teams
  • For L&D teams sharpen the delivery of your workshops and training programs through a deeper understanding of the group dynamics
  • Measure engagement and behaviour throughout your organisation

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Talent Optimisation certification provides you with a framework and the knowledge to get the most out of your people. With a Talent Optimisation certification in hand, you’re ready to elevate your people strategy by aligning it to your business strategy

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