I use the data from PI Behavioural assessment every day in my job. It influences how I interact with and train our clients. It is a bit of a cheat really. I know before we speak if you will want to dig deep into the science; if you will want to know all the details about the mechanics of sending assessments or running reports. Or perhaps you just need a brief overview and you will ‘wing it’ – and contact me for support if and when required.

The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment clears the smokescreen that can often disguise or dilute our natural preferred work styles.

But what do I meant by that?

Behind the Screen

Over the past 15 or so months I have moved office 4 times. I haven’t quite made it to the illustrious corner office, but I’m happy where I am right now.

My first office was in a nook under the stairs. I didn’t stay there long – no natural light, and there was THAT moment! A family member walked into my Zoom background after exiting the bathroom! (true story). My second space was at the family dining table. It worked for most of the time, but there are a lot of us at home and that fridge was a big draw card – lots of foot traffic. My third office space was quite a step up. I set up in our annexe – built to house our overseas family and friends when they visit (sadly redundant right now). It is well soundproofed, has its own bathroom, but the reality is that me occupying that space wasn’t the best use for it.

So, after a switch around at home, I now find myself in a newly vacated bedroom. My move into this space was the last step in a complicated shuffle around the house, but here I am, and I am going to make it a great space to work in.


Emphasis on the Going to’ because right now it is a shambles. But no one would know the reality (until now!), and I suspect that is the case for many people. Virtual backgrounds have been a gift.

It is easy to paint the picture we want others to see. Perception is a powerful force. How many times have you been swayed by your first impression of someone? Made assumptions about them? How well do you actually understand them, know what makes them tick?

Clear the Smoke with Behavioural Science

Understanding how someone prefers to work, communicate, make decisions – that would be a bit of a superpower right? Some people are great at that – they follow their instincts and experience has taught them much along the way. But there’s an easier way – and it’s scientifically backed, it’s valid, it’s quick and it keeps on giving. It’s a Behavioural Assessment.

Understand yourself and those you work with and you will know how to work with each individual. Needs differ, so don’t treat everyone the same. What motivates you won’t necessarily motive your colleague. What makes one team member thrive may send another into a spin. Your colleagues / employees’ needs are one side of the equation, the other is tailoring your approach with them.

Behind my screen – who am I?

Well, I don’t mind a bit of chaos (clearly if based on my workspace), I love a challenge and most importantly finding a solution, a work-around, a new way to do something. I enjoy all the interactions with my team members, and our clients, but I’m also quite happy working alone in my office (as long as I get to speak to people during the day – hello Zoom). Most rules are OK, I’m happy to follow them, as long as they make sense to me, so don’t be surprised if I push back or try to bend them a little. I like variety, and I like things to happen, but I don’t want to spend too much time thinking about how best to make it happen. I like to learn and I’m especially happy if I think I have made a difference to someone’s day.

So, who am I?


My name is Emma Herbert and I am the Customer Success Manager at Predictive Insight.

My PI reference profile is Captain and I love my job

(and I love my office – it just needs tweaking).

Are you a Captain, or do you work with a Captain? You can find out more here: Captain | The Predictive Index

OR, discover your own PI Profile. Take our six minute assessment.

We will provide you with a report summarising your natural management and influencing styles and offer you a live read-back with a PI expert. You will understand yourself better and how that impacts on those around you. (Use the request a demo option and mention you would like to try a PI assessment, we will take care of the rest).