What our Clients Say

The Predictive Index®:

“PI® has been an outstanding addition to our organisational performance toolbox. It has assisted us in our recruitment, training & development and problem solving processes. It offers accurate and insightful perspectives on individuals, which have proven to be reliable time and time again. A great foundation for team building. Tony provides fantastic training in the PI application, with a great back up support team never far away if needed.”

Jarka Kluth, Organisational Development Manager
PRO Grind Australia

“PI® has made an invaluable contribution to our business. As a recruitment tool it incisively reveals exactly who you are hiring and what skills and ambitions a person brings to the job. Using these PI insights we’ve been able to motivate and retain our employees over the long-term. We’ve also utilised PI’s guidance on team effectiveness to structure our business and improve productivity during a time of considerable industry change.”

Melissa Kelly, Managing Director
Snapper Media

“SAS Institute Australia has been using Predictive Index® (PI) since the beginning of 2012 to support its business in making informed decision around attraction, retention, career development and effective teaming. In conjunction with existing programs, PI has provided SAS with a great foundation to conduct team clarity sessions on individual styles and team dynamics.  Through the use of PI we believe we are able to make more informed decisions that impact our business, our people and the future of our business.”

Gayle Pacchini, Senior Human Resources Manager
SAS Australia & New Zealand

PI Management Workshop

“I’d recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to learn how to improve their interaction with people and to help others do the same. In the work environment this translates to more productive relationships and effective teams and that converts to vastly improved business performance!”

PI Workshop Participant, Perth April 2012

“You’ll never look at anyone in the same way again!”

PI Workshop Participant, Melbourne May 2013


“Cognitive Abilities is the single best predictor of individual performance and career progression – the last 100 years of accumulated science shows that, all other things being equal, smarter people do better.

The PLI assessment is the most cost-effective and practical way to turn that knowledge into a competitive advantage in day-to-day HR operations, using Cognitive Abilities as a solid datapoint when assessing individuals. Easy to adminstrate, cheating-proof due to the unique contents of each test yet with 1-1 comparable results on all tests, and taking only 12 minutes for candidates to complete.”

Thomas Rasmussen, Ph.D., Industrial Organisational Psychology; Author of “Data-driven HR – a practical guide for leaders & HR professionals; Former head of Assessments in Maersk; Now VP Assessments & Psychometrics, Royal Dutch Shell.