Recommended Read: Aberdeen Group – Assessments 2012: Predicting Productivity and Performance

Find out how the Best-in-Class companies use assessments and how it affects performance and profits!

Recommended read for anyone using assessments or thinking of using assessments.

“Knowing which candidates and employees can drive value for your organisation is a true competitive differentiator in today’s marketplace. and more and more organisations today are looking to assessment tools to help them understand not only the skills and capabilities that candidates and employees bring to the table, but also to help them predict who will drive performance in the future. In April and May 2012, Aberdeen surveyed over 200 organizations, 186 of which were using assessments, to better understand how they utilize assessments to improve quality of hire, leadership bench strength and the retention of key employees by uncovering the types of assessment tools and strategies implemented to drive business performance.”

Assessments 2012: Predicting Productivity and Performance

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