Customer Focused Selling™ (CFS)

Improve your team’s skills with targeted training.

Using the Sales Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT) to provide a solid understanding of where your team stands – and where they need to go, the Customer Focused Selling program gives you the specific knowledge needed to consistently achieve better sales results.

This is not your typical ‘sales seminar’. In a highly interactive, adult learning format, Customer Focused Selling™ (CFS) provides all the core competencies needed for effective consultative selling. Depending on the outcome of the SSAT (insert link), your staff will learn how to:

  • Build trust
  • Adapt to social styles
  • identify decision makers
  • build long term relationships

– with special emphasis on the particular areas shown by the SSAT to need improvement.

The training is skills based, adapatable and uniquely designed to be used in real world situations, rather than be memorised and repeated. Your sales team will see the applications for themselves and come away from the program enthusiastic and ready to put th new learning into action with their own customers and prospects.

Based on the information we gain through our pre-program research, interviews and assessment results from the SSAT and PI, each program is tailor made to meet your exact needs.