Seminars / Predictive Index Management Workshop™

Upcoming PI Workshops

Upcoming PI Workshops

PI Accreditation

The Predictive Index Management Workshop™ is a 2-day management development program that builds your managers understanding of the work-related behaviour and motivating needs of the people in your organisation.

Customer Focused Selling

Using the Sales Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT) to provide a solid understanding of where your team stands – and where they need to go, the Customer Focused Selling program gives you the specific knowledge...

Coaching for Sales Growth

The Coaching for Sales Growth™ Workshop is a full day workshop for Sales Managers. It teaches managers how to use the data from SSAT and the insight from the Predictive Index to achieve consistent, sustainable sales improvement.

Coaching to Excellence

The Coaching to Excellence™ workshop is a full day workshop for Sales Managers. It will provide them with the knowledge they need to leverage the data form SSAT and the communication skills...

Customised Workshops

If your organisation has a licence to use the Predictive Index® Management System, you can book a place on any of our PI® workshops.