Talent Management

In today’s competitive marketplace Talent Management is perhaps one of the most critical elements of any Human Resources Strategy. Ensuring you get the right people on board rather than just filling seats, onboarding them efficiently, hitting their motivations, looking at their career development and recognising and rewarding them appropriately are all key factors in the overall success of your organisation.

How Can PI® Help?

Getting your approach to Talent Management right can be difficult – that’s where the Predictive Index® (PI) comes in. PI® can help you plan the future of your organisation by allowing you to take an objective look at the drives, capabilities and motivations of the leaders who will shape and execute your business plans. This includes supporting decisions around:

  • Recruitment & Selection – Whilst experience will impact a person’s ability to perform within a role research has shown that a large % of success will be dependent on their behavioural fit within the organisation. PI gives you the tools to determine prospective candidates cultural fit so you ensure you are hiring the right person into the right role;
  • Behavioural Assessment – PI provides you with tools which highlight an individuals motivation needs and drives. This is not only useful for the recruitment stage but can also be used to shape coaching, leadership development and internal movements within your organisation to get the most out of your employees;
  • Engagement – Staff are engaged when they are doing work they love. It’s as simple as that!  Engagement will take place at four different levels, people either love their job (manager can impact this), team (manager can impact this), Manager (manager can impact this), organisation (manager can impact this). PI helps managers identify these motivational drives and develop strategies to help ensure employees are satisfied on most or all of these levels;
  • Employee Retention – PI can be used to identify new team members motivating needs and drives. Giving managers the ability to tap into those drivers and manage new staff accordingly ensures a more efficient and smoother onboarding process whilst limiting the risk of new hire churn.

As your business moves forward and changes, what capabilities will you need? Do you have the leadership in place in all necessary areas to execute your plans? How will you plan for succession? Are you developing your future leaders? Have you identified your future leaders?

PI® can help you answer these Talent Management questions and many other questions critical to the future of your business.