Measure, manage and take control of your Organisation’s Sales Performance


The Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT) takes an objective look at your people’s strengths, their skills and specific areas that need improvement. It provides a detailed, accurate quantification of the selling abilities across your organisation—vital information that lets you focus your sales training initiative for maximum impact and maximum revenue growth.


Customer Focused Selling™ (CFS) provides all the core competencies needed for effective consultative selling—with special emphasis on the particular areas shown by the SSAT to need improvement. Based on the information we gain through our pre-program research, interviews and assessment results from the SSAT – each program is tailor-made to meet your exact needs.

Take Control:

It’s one of management’s toughest issues: How do you bridge the gap between knowing and doing? How do you get your team to apply what they learn? Why is it that some people seem to “get it” right away… while others take much longer to turn learning into action?

The answer often hinges on the individual motivations that drive workplace behaviour.

Using the Predictive Index® (PI), sales leaders can identify the natural motivations of their team members – different, of course, for each individual. PI® helps managers better understand how these drives impact on-the-job performance. They can then use this “inside knowledge” to work with their people to improve the application of newly-learned selling skills across all levels of the sales organisation. Coaching to Excellence gives sales managers the knowledge and tools they need to improve overall sales effectiveness.