People Management and Coaching

For an organisation to maximise its investment in its people, managers also have to become good coaches.

Do your managers know the difference between coaching and managing? Do they have the skills to incorporate coaching into every day, to motivate and guide effectively?

PI® gives your managers accurate, reliable information about their people’s motivating drives, behaviours, and operating styles, as well as the tools they need to bring about positive, productive changes in workplace behaviour.

PI will provide managers with the tools to help them identify their own drives and needs, and show them how to pinpoint the drives of others and how to get the best out of people.  For a competent team working towards a common goal, a great coach can be the difference between good results and exceptional ones. They offer guidance, support and motivation. We can help managers identify how and when to use coaching to improve results and create high morale among employees.

Often, great managers are only average coaches. PI will assist your managers to show excellence in both, and create a supportive, motivating culture to improve results and boost morale in the workplace.

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