Your organisation has its own culture of values and attitudes and it is this that sets your company apart from the rest. Culture relates to the behaviours and relationships which are part of the daily life of your teams and managers, and how you relate to your customers. A high performance culture is achieved when all your people are in tune with the vision of your senior leadership, and individuals, teams and organisation are all aligned to be able to work as efficiently as possible towards achieving a common goal.

Having each manager understand their impact and accountability for the culture within their own team is an important element. Most importantly, it is the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and Leadership Team who will clearly set the tone and culture of an organisation either consciously or unconsciously (explicity or implicitly).

  • Does your organisation have a High-Performance Culture?
  • Does your leadership drive engagement and performance?
  • Do you have the right people in place?
  • Can your managers encourage and promote high-performance?

How Can PI® Help?

Predictive Index® is a tool designed to help you measure, manage and promote high-performance throughout your entire organisation.

  • Place the right person, with the right drives, into the right positions – every time
  • Understand what each person needs to be more productive
  • Develop a greater trust and more open communication between managers and employees
  • Pinpoint the reasons why a team is underperforming with valid assessment data
  • Know what are the motivating needs which drive an individual or a team to perform at their best.