Leadership Development

Companies that use the PI® to its full advantage actively encourage future leaders to take charge of their own success. Developing your staff to move into more senior roles keeps your talent within the business.

Predictive Insight® assists you with Leadership Development by providing you with information about the drives and behavioural attributes of your managers in the following leadership qualities:

  • Decision making
  • Risk taking
  • Communication style
  • Pro-activity
  • Focus
  • Connection with people vs analytical focus
  • Focus on details and quality vs. a more flexible approach

PI® enables you to determine which are the appropriate attributes for leadership in the different areas of your business.

For example, the attributes required for an effective Sales Manager are very different from the attributes required to lead a scientific research team.

Knowledge, skills and experience are critical aspects of leadership roles and these can be learnt, but the above drives and attributes cannot be learnt. They need to be an inherent part of an individuals make-up. With a little help from us you can identify which key people have the right behaviours for success in a role.

How do your Leadership behaviours impact your team – and the business? Find out – take the PI survey now.