Behavioural Assessment

The use of behavioural assessments have increased significantly over the past several years, accounting for their use in over 89% of Fortune 500 companies. Behavioural assessments provide valuable information to managers regarding workplace behaviour, communication style, leadership potential, ability to assume risk and much more.

Behavioral Assessments Improve Employee Performance

Behavioural assessments add tremendous insight to team building, leadership development, succession planning, and conflict resolution. It is important that when you are looking for a behavioural assessment tool you ask the following questions to accurately assess the strength of the tool:

  • Is the behavioural assessment tool EEOC compliant (Equal Opportunity Employment Commission) -the “gold standard” of workplace assessment development and usage.
  • Does the behavioural assessment come with an accompanying job analysis tool that allows for the thorough identification of a job’s requirements?
  • Is the assessment free of bias with respect to the respondent’s age, gender or ethnic group?
  • Is the behavioural assessment reliable and valid?

Predictive Index® is an established behavioural assessment tool that provides insight into the natural workplace behaviours of prospective and existing employees – resulting in improved hiring decisions, team performance, overall communication, and workforce productivity. Predictive Index meets all the recommended requirements mentioned above along with a 53 year history, availability in over 60 languages, over 225 worldwide consultants and 400 validation studies attesting to the reliability and value of the behavioural assessment tool.

Employee behavioural assessment is one part of the PI® Worldwide’s Predictive Index process.