Professional Learning Indicator

The Professional Learning Indicator® (PLI) has since its launch in 2010 positioned itself as the world’s leading accurate cognitive ability assessment system.

The PLI test system is available in  60+ Languages and measures the cognitive abilities in your organisation and among candidates for recruitment. This information will not just measure alertness and capability, but paired with a psychometric personality system it will provide comprehensive information for you about your individual employee’s capacity for performance.

The results of the PLI test enable you to match your positions with your candidates and to tailor communication and training to best match the individual employee’s potential.


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What PLI Measures

PLI is your dynamic tool to measure your employees’ cognitive abilities, and thus their capability to absorb new knowledge on the job. A person’s cognitive abilities are a direct indicator of that individual’s on-the-job performance and ability to acquire job knowledge. A high level of acquired job knowledge increases the probability of a successful job performance.

PLI is thus the perfect tool to use prior to employing new people as it indicates the probability of success for the new employee on the team. The Professional Learning Indicator® measures a person’s level of general cognitive abilities. It is thus not an IQ test, albeit related to common IQ tests.