Life Styles Inventory

The Life Styles Inventory TM (LSI) is based around the Human Synergistics Circumplex, describing Constructive, Passive/Defensive and Aggressive/Defensive behaviours. It provides for self-description (LSI 1) and feedback from others (LSI 2).

LSI is aimed at developing individuals, promoting self enquiry and self discovery and promoting constructive change.

Using LSI leads to awareness of current behaviours, acceptance of the impact these have on personal effectiveness and action steps to build constructive thinking and behaviour. As such, LSI can help individuals:

  • Measure leadership strategies, behavioural styles and skills
  • Identify strengths and development opportunities
  • Pinpoint barriers to successful performance
  • Develop more constructive strategies, behavioural styles and skills
  • Monitor change and improvement over time

Participants receive inventories, profile supplements and Self Development Guides.