Managing Culture Change

3 Steps to a Successful Culture Change. Zappos. Apple. Ikea. What do these three iconic brands have in common? Each has built a passionate corporate culture that drives exceptional business results. Corporate culture is the collection of an organisation’s unique […]

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accessPI™ Update

PRO scores accessPI™ users now have the ability to edit some PRO scores manually. To maintain the integrity of PRO data in the database, this new functionality is limited to PROs that do not draw their data from an actual […]

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Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring

The challenges of Change: Managing the People side of Mergers & Acquisitions In today’s competitive marketplace, mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructures are among the fastest ways to increase market share and stakeholder value. This year, PWC’s Annual Global CEO Survey […]

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In the News

First Person: Assessment Data Improves Employee Experience Date: October 2013 Issue Publication: Page 31, Talent Management Magazine Context: Senior leaders from Predictive Index client Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) of Northern New Jersey wrote this article about their experience using Predictive […]

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Constructing a job description

3 Steps to Job Design using Analytic Tools The key component to finding the best talent is to understand what you are looking for. Start with a well-constructed job description and the use of job analytic tools. The three-step process […]

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New Languages for accessPI™

New Languages for accessPI™ Last month, PI Worldwide completed an accessPI™ update increasing the number of languages for online survey administration to 66. This is more than many of our competitors offer. Languages available online now include: Burmese, Farsi, Georgian, […]

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Make Succession Planning a Priority

Priority Succession Planning Companies today realise the importance of having a crisis plan. From natural disasters to financial missteps, the global corporate world understands how emergencies impact the bottom line. According to the results of last month’s PI Worldwide survey, […]

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Strategic Workforce Planning

Tackling the Global Talent Shortage with Behavioural Assessment Data More than one-third of companies are struggling to attract the skilled workers they need to drive long-term business results. Faced with this growing talent shortage, companies need to have a workforce […]

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FREE White-Paper: Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning This FREE Expert White Paper  provides an overview of a data-driven strategic workforce planning process. It highlights the role behavioural analytics can play at key phases of the process, and it offers suggestions that will help HR […]

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