Maximise your existing Talent

An effective manager should be able to inspire their team to achieve excellence, create a positive working environment and drive the business forward strategically.

Not every manager has these attributes, however with a little training they can build on their existing skills to become a highly effective leader and a productive part of your executive team.

How does Predictive Insight help you achieve this?

Through Management Consulting, Assessment and Training. We work directly with your CEO, MD, Executive Leadership Teams and Senior HR people to create a training program designed specifically for your company needs.

Using Predictive Index ® tools – (the PI,  PRO and SSAT) to understand an individuals natural drives and motivations, and 360 degree feedback tools to provide insights from their own self assessment and from their co-workers or direct reports we can deliver specific programs for individuals or teams.

We can help you:

  • Develop an individuals strengths and understand weaknesses so they can create productive teams
  • Promote a positive culture in your business from the top down
  • Create a cohesive and effective leadership group
  • Gain a pipeline of future managers fro your business.

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