Strategic Workforce Planning

Tackling the Global Talent Shortage with Behavioural Assessment Data

More than one-third of companies are struggling to attract the skilled workers they need to drive long-term business results. Faced with this growing talent shortage, companies need to have a workforce plan that directly supports the organisation’s strategic intent. While resource-focused companied develop plans that emphasise headcount projections and associated costs alone, talent-focused companies go futher by using workforce analytics to ensure job-fit for workers and to optimise individual development and team dynamics. These Best-in-Class organisations are benefitting from higher levels of employee engagement, job satisfaction and retention. They recognise that having “the right person in the right job, at the right time and at the right cost,” now requires having the right assessment and analytics. Behavioural assessments are proving so valuable that today, 92 percent of companies report using assessment data to improve workplace performance, according to Aberdeen Research Group.

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SWPAccess a complimentary copy of our latest whitepaper titled, Overcome the Talent Shortage with Strategic Workforce Planning—How behavioural assessment data drives long-term business success, and learn how workforce analytics are being used to:

•    Support a six-step process for aligning an organisation’s “people plan” with its strategic plan;

•    Identify the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other (KSAO) characteristics of top performers and those that are required for success with new job roles;

•    Enhance every stage of the talent lifecycle including acquisition, development and retention;

•    Increase the understanding and effectiveness of team dynamics using powerful new behavioural statistics.


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