FREE White-Paper: Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning

This FREE Expert White Paper  provides an overview of a data-driven strategic workforce planning process. It highlights the role behavioural analytics can play at key phases of the process, and it offers suggestions that will help HR and business leaders successfully co-develop a winning workforce plan.

You’ll get valuable insights into how talent-focused HR and business leaders are utilising behavioural analytics to enhance key stages in the strategic workforce planning process. Whether you are in HR or an executive Leadership role in your organisation, this Free White Paper is a Must-Read!

Download now to Learn how to workforce analytics are being used to:

  • Support a six-step process for aligning an organisation’s ‘people plan’ with it strategic plan;
  • Identify the knowledge, skills, abilities and other (KSAO) characteristics of top performers and those that are required for success with new job roles;
  • Enhance every stage of the talent lifecycle including acquisition, development and retention;
  • Increase the understanding and effectiveness of team dynamics using powerful new behavioural statistics.

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