PLI Update May 2013

More than 100,000 assessment have been completed worldwide across the 55 languages and today a PLI assessment invite is sent out every 3 – 4 minutes 24/7.

One global client has administered 19,000 assessments so far in 2013!


PLI Tip of the Month!

PLI offers our clients the flexibility of both offsite and onsite assessments. The ‘PLI Kiosk Solution’ enables onsite assessments in an efficient manner in a fully controlled environment. The kiosk functionality is easy to use and can be used from any computer or tablet with internet access. Recruiters can thus create a batch of kiosk assessments from their office and open them in a dedicated assessment room without mailing to the assessment taker’s email. This provides clients with the ideal onsite environment for assessments be it the first or second PLI for the candidate in question.

Find out more about PLI and the difference it can make for your organisation. Request a free demo or contact us for more information.

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