Predictive Insight

Predictive Insight Pty Ltd offers Predictive Index® tools, training and assessment for behavioural and job assessment in the workplace. Our tools take the guesswork out of recruitment and help you get the best from your existing staff members through insights into workplace behaviour and employee motivation.

A little help from us can realise the full potential of your most powerful asset – your people. We can help you:

  • Find the right person for the role
  • Increase motivation and team performance
  • Retain key members of staff
  • Develop cohesive leadership teams
  • Create an exceptional working environment
  • Increase sales performance




What is PI?


Recruitment and Retention Trends

Feature Article Is the candidate pool really drying up or are you just wading in the wrong waters? The results are in! We surveyed hundreds of HR professionals for our Recruitment and Retention Trends report and learned that employers are […]

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Building a Culture of Excellence with Workforce Analytics

Ask any leader what makes an employee a success and you’re likely to get responses such as: • Team player • Poise under pressure • Responsiveness • Persistence • Adaptability • Initiative Now ask yourself: What do these have in […]

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The Changing role of HR in Managing Change

As globalisation, economics and technology continue to transform the business environment, organisations will lean on their HR leaders to drive and manage successful change. According to SHRM, one third of HR professionals consider managing change and cultural transformation a critical […]

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FREE White-Paper: Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning This FREE Expert White Paper  provides an overview of a data-driven strategic workforce planning process. It highlights the role behavioural analytics can play at key phases of the process, and it offers suggestions that will help HR […]

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